President's Message

I am very proud of Syar Industries and the people that have worked so hard to make our company stand out in our industry. We continue to supply our customers with high quality construction materials through the efforts of our dedicated workforce and our strategically located facilities. Our 4 asphaltic concrete plants and Syar Concrete's 8 readymix concrete plants are supplied with aggregate materials from our own quarries and sand and gravel operations. As a result we have become one of the largest suppliers of construction materials in the Northern California counties where these quarries and sand and gravel operations are located. We have also become actively engaged in the recycling of used asphalt and concrete that we accept at six of our locations for processing into aggregate base rock and other products.

Our Company is also involved in agriculture utilizing approximately 2,400 acres for grazing land in Solano County, 1,000 acres of row crops in Yolo County and 400 acres in Sonoma County for high quality grape vineyards. These operations contribute to the success of our business by providing compatible areas of land use that are adjacent to our processing facilities.

I believe that "caring for the land" is Syar Industries' commitment to each area of California where our facilities are located. Our facilities are carefully operated in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and permits and other governmental regulations. Then, after our use of the land as an aggregate resource is completed, the reclamation and development plans prepared for each of our quarries and sand and gravel operations focus on providing improvements to the environment for plant and animal species and other uses that are beneficial to the surrounding communities.

We have built our company on the foundation of high performance, fairness, integrity and good corporate citizenship. We believe it is through our employees that we will continue to build a great and lasting company and be able to provide our customers with quality products and outstanding service for years to come.

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