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As an organization that uses environmental resources to provide a service for the community, Syar Industries is continually breaking ground on new ways to minimize our ecological footprint.  A great asset to this move is Recycled Material.  Syar Industries actively uses recycled material in every aspect of the supply process.

At the very base of infrastructure is a solid foundation. Syar Industries helps to build this solid foundation with aggregate quarried from our Blue Ridge, Healdsburg, Napa and Vallejo quarries. Because these locations have limited resources it is absolutely necessary to utilize recycled material to help create the base for infrastructure.  Syar Industries actively accepts broken asphalt and concrete material from locations that are being demolished or remodeled.  These broken materials are filtered and crushed back down into the valuable resource of foundational base rock.  This base rock is then used in creating the foundation for development.  This process saves the natural resources that Syar and the community value so much.

This crushed base rock is not only used as a foundation but can also be used in asphalt and concrete itself.  During the mixing of asphalt and concrete, Syar Industries uses recycled material to supplement the natural resource that is typical.  Syar Industries has been an active participant in environemental protection for years.  Many of the roads and foundations that you walk on in the Bay and Sacramento Area’s are created with recycled material.   


Does any place have a finger on the pulse of environmental protection like California? Unlikely and reducing the environmental impact of construction is a must. With that in mind, Syar is proud to offer one of the greenest possible asphalt products: EZ Street Bioblends.

For Syar, teaming up to produce EZ Street Bioblends asphalt is a no-brainer. EZ Street asphalt is already recognized as the leading cold product. Quick and efficient, EZ Street's guarantee of permanent repairs makes it a favorite among both work crews and the people who sign the checks.

Traditional cold asphalt has environmental and safety challenges. It all begins with a key ingredient: diesel fuel. Adding diesel keeps cold product workable. And repairing a road with it introduces a pollutant into the environment. Manufacturing it creates air pollution and a substantial carbon footprint.

EZ Street Bioblends is formulated with an advanced bio-fuel diesel substitute. The carbon footprint is smaller. No petroleum-derived diesel is introduced into the environment. And the product's workability in cold weather is much better than traditional cold asphalt. And unlike diesel products, EZ Street Bioblends gives off no VOC fumes.

Not to mention that Bioblends is thicker, so it's better. On a Brookfield viscometer, diesel fuel measures around 300. The bio-fuel in Bioblends measures between 800 and 900. In simple terms, this is like the viscosity of whole milk vs. honey. Higher viscosity means better asphalt oil film thickness. And thicker wears better. EZ Street Bioblends asphalt lasts longer.

Syar Industries and EZ Street Bioblends asphalt: keeping Northern California moving forward and going green.

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