Cache Creek

Syar Industries is the owner of over 1500 acres of land in Yolo County along and in Cache Creek between the towns of Esparto and Madison where the Madison Plant is located.

The approved reclamation plan for the 248 acre terrace mining area adjacent to Cache Creek will eventually result in the creation of a 142 acre lake, that includes a 5 acre island with 55 acres of vegetated island slopes and shoreline, and approximately 46 acres will be reclaimed to prime agricultural land for row crops.

Development of the open lake will result in aquatic habitat available to water fowl and other marine animals. Fields reclaimed for row crops will have similar wildlife value to the existing agricultural fields. Syar will also construct a 10 acre oak woodland habitat area that provides grasslands, woody upland vegetation and riparian communities adjacent to the Cache Creek riparian corridor. This restoration area will create movement corridors and cover for existing wildlife in the area. These areas will further enhance and enrich the adjacent habitats by allowing cover and perching areas for fowl and other wildlife. Syar’s biodiversity plan enhances the off-channel environment by introducing a broader range of end land uses than existed prior to mining.

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