Syar’s EZ Street Asphalt®

Faster. Easier. Efficient. Effective. EZ Street asphalt® lets you show potholes who’s boss. As well as utility cuts, overlays, catch basins, manhole adjustments, edges, water valve surrounds…just name your repair. In both asphalt and concrete pavement applications, EZ Street asphalt helps you work more quickly, save money, and be kinder to the environment. EZ Street asphalt is a high-quality, polymer modified cold asphalt blend.

Repairs made with EZ Street asphalt are guaranteed permanent.

Manufactured to stringent quality control standards, the EZ Street product has an extended shelf life. It can be stored at your location for up to one year before use. And it’s always ready to work when you are. Formulated specifically for our Northern California climate, the product always remains workable without warming. You just sweep out the hole, toss in the EZ Street product, compact it and walk away.

Got a hole filled with water? No problem. EZ Street asphalt even displaces water. No need to remove it prior to application.

And while freezing weather and snow probably don’t factor into your daily challenges, consider them met. If you’re working in the Reno/Tahoe areas, EZ Street asphalt remains workable under even the worst conditions. Get out, get the repair done, and get back inside where it’s warm.

EZ Street asphalt is also a natural for remote locations where hot mix is a logistical challenge. Wineries, mountain roads, state parks—name your location. If hot mix delivery is difficult, or the repair is simply too small to justify a hot mix delivery, EZ Street asphalt is ready to work. And it works on your time every time.

Of course, urban centers also benefit from the EZ Street product. It’s so quick and easy, road closures are minimized. And so are the liabilities of having paving crews exposed to vehicular traffic.

The environment also benefits from using EZ Street asphalt. Most importantly, EZ Street Bioblends uses renewable bio-fuels in lieu of traditional fossil-fuel formulations. Further, EZ Street asphalt is guaranteed permanent, which means one trip for a repair, not multiple trips for temporary patches and permanent patches. And because EZ Street can be stored up to a year, it’s always ready when you need it, reducing repair hours for crews and equipment.

Syar has a tradition of caring for the land in Northern California. And EZ Street asphalt is a welcome addition to that tradition. EZ Street cold asphalt: helping Northern California road crews show potholes who’s boss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply EZ Street to a pothole filled with water?

Just throw EZ Street directly into the water filled hole. EZ Street will displace the water. Then, compact the EZ Street with a shovel or car tire. Leave a slight crown on the patch because it will compact a little more as traffic goes over it.

How long does EZ Street stay workable in a stockpile?

EZ Street is guaranteed to stay workable in a stockpile for at least 6 months in a 50-ton pile stacked 6' high. But we've had smaller stockpiles last over a year outside! If you leave the stockpile undisturbed for a long period of time, a protective crust may form over the pile. This is a built-in mechanism to prevent premature hardening of your stockpile. If this happens, simply have your loader "fluff up" the material prior to loading the truck. This will rejuvenate the EZ Street.

What's so special about the EZ Street bag?

The EZ Street bag is made of durable poly-vinyl that helps prevent breakage-a first in the industry. The bag is resealable to keep unused product fresh and has a nylon rope handle to make carrying EZ Street even easier. EZ Street lasts for at least a year in the bag…even if it has been opened and resealed.

How long after applying EZ Street does traffic have to be diverted?

EZ Street is ready for traffic the instant you throw it in the hole. In fact, many crews keep bags in their trucks so when they come across a pothole they can just throw it in the hole and let traffic compact it!

Does EZ Street get harder to work with as the temperature gets colder?

EZ Street is custom blended by our licensees for the specific region's climate. For example, our licensee in Oklahoma makes an open graded winter mix that stays workable in colder temperatures and a dense graded summer mix that performs better during the warmer months.

How does EZ Street compare with regards to cost?

EZ Street is a premium cold asphalt that costs more per ton than hot mix or conventional cold mix asphalt. However, EZ Street actually costs less once all factors are considered. For example, say you are filling potholes with hot mix, first you have to wait in line at the plant, then you have to saw-cut the edges, clean the hole, and apply tack coat. Then apply the messy hot mix, roll it, and wait hours before you can open that area to traffic. Don't forget the wasted mix still left in the truck or the time it takes to clean it out. Conventional cold mix is a temporary repair. Not only are agencies paying to patch once, but with conventional cold mix, re-patching the same area is commonplace.

Now imagine fixing potholes with EZ Street straight from a stockpile or a pallet of bags in your own yard ready for any job that comes up. Next, picture crews that accomplish twice as much because they do not have to do any of the prep work associated with hot asphalt. There is virtually no clean-up time, no wasted product, and no traffic interruption. EZ Street will even fix the holes filled with water, try that with hot mix or conventional cold mix. Best of all, the repair is guaranteed to be permanent.

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Installation Guide

The instructions for using EZ Street asphalt are so simple, you barely need to read 'em. Ready?


If you're filling a pothole, sweep out any loose asphalt and debris. If you're repairing a utility cut, install a properly compacted sub-base as per local guidlelines.


Just dump the EZ Street product into the hole. If the hole is deeper than 4 inches, work in layers. Each of those layers should be compacted to a thickness of about 2 inches.


Compact the final layer of EZ Street asphalt to just above the level of the existing pavement.

EZ Street asphalt works even in rain and standing water. No need to empty the water out of the hole.

Approximate coverage: 50 lbs of EZ Street product covers 3 square feet at a depth of 1 inch.

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