Russian River

Syar Industries is the steward for over 900 acres of riparian lands within the Russian River and its floodplain. Over the past 20 years, Syar Industries has continuously collected scientific data and completed multiple scientific studies, which has helped in understanding the condition of the Russian River and how the river processes work to create habitats used by sensitive fish and wildlife species, as well as how flooding and erosion processes affect vineyard landowners. In cooperation with local, state and federal agencies along with local landowners, Syar Industries has developed proposals for over 350 acres of habitat restoration and sediment management projects for lands within the Russian River’s Alexander Valley and Middle Reach in Sonoma County.

As part of this effort, Syar Industries helped create and sponsor the Russian River Gravel Pit Symposium in 2009, which convened many internationally recognized experts to present and analyze information for restoring off channel fish habitat within the former terrace mining sites, like those Syar Industries owns along the Russian River.

Syar Industries efforts will help create key habitats that are missing from the Russian River’s system as a result of historical river channelization, natural floodplain destruction, and other land use projects. Syar’s continued study of the Russian River system, combined with restoration projects implemented by non-profit groups in conjunction with local, state, and federal agencies, will help to ensure the long term health of the ecosystem in Sonoma County.

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